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1 Dice – Teaching Children A Vocabulary For Emotions Did You …
Find graphics for the four Problem-Solving Steps (in the puppet activity) and for the Solution Kit activity online at—under Resources, click on Practical … View Document

Reading Strategies
Look at the title, pictures, captions under pictures, headings, bold-faced print and other graphics. Activate Background Knowledge Think about what you already know about the content of what you will read. … Read Here

What Are Mailing Lists
Emoticon : A text-based icon created from the keyboard to give your e-mail message some emotional flavor.:-) Smiley ;-) Winkey smiley:-> Devilish grin:-( Frowny face 8-) User wears glasses (-: Left handed smiley:-{) User has a mustache [:-) User is wearing a walkman … View Full Source

Pronto User Guide
Tip: To add "emoticon" graphics to your message, click the smiley icon in the lower right-hand corner of the chat box, and choose a graphic to insert. … Access Full Source

NISTIR 6924 A Glyph Toolbox For Immersive Scientific …
Lem, a relationship highlighter, a smiley emoticon, and a display algorithm for concave sur that many of the graphics viewers most commonly used with the Glyph Toolbox lack. … Retrieve Content

Social Science Computer Review
Keywords: emoticon, smiley, computer-mediated communication, electronic mail, spellings, punctuation, and other CMC-based textual graphics, which the researchers con- … Visit Document

Emoticons Convey Emotions Without Cognition Of Faces: An FMRI …
Use symbols for faces, such as the smiley :-). Emoticons faces include composite sketches, computer graphics the emoticon in order to recognize both the sentence and … Retrieve Document

Email Sitemap – Page 33 – Spiderbites Of
PocoMail 3.0.1 – Now Even Better, and with a Smiley What's your favorite emoticon?: emotion geneva poll PostSmile comes with a solid collection of smileys, and expanding it with either your own graphics … Read Article

This Manual Was Written For Use With The Eudora For Macintosh …
In internet communication, emoticons such as smiley faces can add an extra level of context to You can type the emoticon characters directly into your message, you can use the emoticon pull-down 10 Eudora 6.2 New Features T o turn Display of Emoticons as Graphics on and off 1. … Content Retrieval

The Power Of The Icon
The American Institute of Graphics Arts was commissioned in 1974 to create 34 icons for worldwide transportation facilitates (AIGA). added his smiley to an Internet post in 1982. An emoticon is actually an ASCII glyph used to indicate an emo- … Return Doc

GPGPU Origins And GPU Hardware Architecture
An extreme example of this case is a smiley or emoticon: a simple geometric graphics memory varies but historically it has been around fourth or half the size the main … Document Retrieval
M * . 2004 Harvard Graphics Lab reunion at the ESRI User Conference M 2004 First TouchTable demonstrated at ESRI User Conference running first single-chip fully 32-bit microprocessor (32-bit data paths, buses, and addresses) Scott Fahlman of Carnegie Mellon invents the smiley, the first emoticon … Read Full Source

Finsk-svensk-engelsk Dataordlista
Hymiö smilis smiley, emoticon hyperlinkki hyperlänk hyperlink hyperteksti hypertext hypertext vektorigrafiikka vektorgrafik vector graphics vektorikuva vektorbaserad bild, vektorbild vector image … View This Document

smileys To Back In Black – YouTube
1:31 Watch Later Error 3D Hollow Face Illusion with Rolling Eyes (physical / no computer graphics) by 6:14 Watch Later Error Photoshop Tutorial – Making Smileys/Emoticon! by RatherGrim 30,072 views … View Video

Graphic Features Of Text-based Computer-Mediated Communication
This smiley above shows not happiness but it shows not being angry. The emoticon plays an essential role to avoid misunderstanding. (Excerpt 2: Smiley: joking) … Read Content

Social Media Sitemap – Page 7 – Spiderbites Of
Emoticon and Smiley Web Sites – Emoticons For Use on Web Sites Emoticons are fun, funny and strange graphics that you can use in your writing or on your Web site to express emotion, context or feelings. … Read Article

20th Century History Links – Spiderbites Of
20th Century History Links … Read Article

Code Page 437 – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
The graphics include smiling faces, card suits, and musical notes. Code 127 (7F hex), DEL, shows as a "house". That's why, when it came time to design the keyboard for the IBM PC, we put the funny Wang character set into the machine—you know, smiley faces … Read Article

Combined Glossary Of Authoring Tools, User Agent, And Web …
For example ";-)" is the smiley emoticon. The following is an ascii figure showing the relationship between flash frequency and photoconvulsive An "auditory description" provides information about actions, body language, graphics, and scene changes in a video. … Doc Retrieval

Pixel Art – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Pixel art is a form of digital art, created through the use of raster graphics software, where images are edited on the pixel level. Graphics in most old (or relatively limited) computer and video games, graphing calculator games, and many mobile phone games are mostly pixel art. The term pixel … Read Article

Author: Erica Huls (Tilburg University, The Netherlands; Huls …
Table 1: Some emoticons and their meanings in the Dutch chat program MSN Messenger 4.5 Emoticon MSN 4.5 Smiley says Oh really? They presented a message with two valences (positive and negative) in four graphic conditions ( – , / , ; -) and no graphics) to subjects, who … Access Full Source

… Fetch This Document
Graphics Glitter Silver & Gold Swirls Grey Flames Fuschia Rose Robot Smiley Contact Table Forest green abstract print smile, emoticon, cartoon school, star emo, gray, black, plaid, punk, flannel, grunge … Return Document

Emoji – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Emoji (絵文字 ?) is the Japanese term for the picture characters or emoticons used in Japanese electronic messages and webpages. Originally meaning pictograph, the word literally means e "picture" + moji "letter". The characters are used much like emoticons elsewhere, but a wider range is … Read Article

This Manual Was Written For Use With The Eudora® For Windows …
Communication, emoticons such as smiley faces can add an extra level of context to email NOTE: Emoticon display is controlled by the pr ogram … Doc Viewer

The Impact Of Emoticons On Affect Interpretation In Instant …
Instant messaging, emoticons, smiley, affect, computer- Emoticon use is becoming part of the IM culture. computer desktop with background graphics in … Get Document

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