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Shocked Emoticon

Webelos Scouts Communicator
S: sad, safe, sane, satisfied, scared, secure, sensual, serene, sheepish, shocked, shrewd, To read an “emoticon,” you need to look at it sideways. Look at the “As Typed” text – that is how … View Full Source

A Method For Automatically Generating The Emotional Vectors …
“anger” for the emoticon .Using the same process, we tabulated the frequency for all of the extracted astonished, shocked, stunned sadness : Sad, cold, disconsolate, sadness, sorrow, heartrending, sentimental, … Fetch Full Source

TextTone: Expressing Emotion Through Text
Indicate tone by demarcating blocks of text with the corresponding emoticon. Alternatively, users can select text and choose the tone from a drop-down menu. The preset tones are: happy, very happy, upset, disappointed, angry, very angry, shocked, … Visit Document

IM Acronyms & Emoticons Free PDF
:O shocked 8-| eyes wide with surprise:-/ skeptical 8-O “Oh my God!”:-C just totally unbelieving |-{“Good grief!” (Charlie Brown) UNHAPPY, SAD:-(frowning; boo hoo … Get Doc

Alphabetical (by Emoticon) List – Page 1 Of 18
Alphabetical (by Emoticon) List !*|:-() Hit by a baseball bat !-( Black eye :-O Surprised; Shocked; Uh-oh; Yelling; Mick Jagger; Mr. Bill :-O= Showing tongue to the doctor … Return Doc

Included In This Lesson Is 12 Face Pictures, 24 Emotion Cards …
Word search emotions aqrhpexhaustedyk oproudbcnwcdycyd delightedlervp es eggtfyaqxtgspt ho omovlrjennuassxt abbeavuiaohechse isnaorosvordoour wohjrpjrtecdncrr lhpapreetragfk pi mjtamnanasahuerf anszteisgljtsdii didwagdysboteqse dsdisgustedudd ed afraidkryfdrsedc annoyedxhopefult ndzsdepressedmxr jealous proud shocked … Document Retrieval

Grand Theft Auto IV – Airport Action – YouTube
It's an emoticon meant to look like a shocked face. … View Video

Unit 3, Book V
For example, a :-) emoticon indicates that the message is meant as a joke and shouldn't be taken seriously. shocked:-@ screaming:-o Wow!:-V shouting:-# My lips are sealed.:-Q … Fetch Document

Smileys And Emoticons
Shocked Very surprised Big kiss Small kiss Hug Anticipation A rose Baseball Big Hug Butterfly Chicken Confused Dunce, stupid Grinning Evil Frog … Retrieve Document

’72 Class Notes For Technology Review July/Aug ’98
Colleagues looked up, shocked at the noise of the low flying plane.” “Most of the people attending the emoticon here)” “Someone came to the room and said the Pentagon was on fire so we all rushed to … Retrieve Doc

Sample Message: Thx 4 The Msg, See U L8r 2nite
:-( ) Shocked:-(0) Shouting:@ Shouting:-\ Skeptical |-I Sleeping:-) Smiley:-)= Smiling with a beard #:-) Smiling with a fur hat:-)8 Smiling with bow tie … Retrieve Here

Meaningful Signs Emoticons
Index Terms—emoticon, chatting language, sign, coined word Chatting language online, as a new medium language, has put lexical creativity : -e — disappointed : -o or 8-0 — shocked, amazed %) or : -s — confused : ”) — embarrassed … Fetch Doc

About Exercise
She looked shocked by my response and then, after a moment of thought, blurted, "I don't like them either!" That's what a client, having worked with me for exactly 2 sessions, texted me one day, along with an angry emoticon that made me sit up and take notice. … Read Article

An Automatic Method To Generate The Emotional Vectors Of …
The example that to use the emoticon for analyzing writers’ emotions is very important. 仰天(astonished), 衝撃(shocked) … Get Document

Emotion In Animals – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
In studies by Wechkin et al. and Masserman et al., these macaques refused to pull a chain that delivered food to themselves if doing so shocked a companion. … Read Article

Match The Emoticon
Happy Sad Angry Confused Shocked :-o X–(: ): (:-S Watch videos and play games at Copyright © 2011 National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. … Fetch This Document

She looked shocked by my response and then, after a moment of thought, blurted, "I don't like them either!" That's what a client, having worked with me for exactly 2 sessions, texted me one day, along with an angry emoticon that made me sit up and take notice. … Read Article

February 2012 MyGlam Review & March 2012 MyGlam Open Bag …
With so many videos, I'm shocked that Michelle Phan hasn't done some damage control. 8:12 Watch Later Error March MyGlam Bag: Honest Thoughts (*insert huge sad face emoticon here*) by xCherryBo0m7x 18,960 views … View Video

Safe Surfing! Name That Emoticon Fill In The Blank With The …
Name that Emoticon Fill in the blank with the word that best describes each emoticon. Use words from the box only one time each. winking shocked … Access Document

User:Soimort – Simple English Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
The emoticon in Western style is written most often from left to right. Thus, most commonly, one will see the eyes on the left, followed by the nose shocked ( ゚ヮ゚) happy, upbeat: キタ━━━(ã‚œ∀ã‚œ)━━━!!!!! "It's here", Kitaa!, a general expression of excitement that something has … Read Article

171 Language
The most common ones are: Smiley/Emoticon Meaning :-) Smiling :-( Sad ;-) Winking :-D Laugh or grin :O Shocked :-P Sticking tongue out … Fetch This Document

Britain’s Premier ASL Journal
An emoticon is created with keyboard characters and read with the head tilted to the left. Some typical emoticons are::-) humour or smiley;-) winking:-> devious smile <g> grin:-( sad:-o shocked or surprised … View This Document

20th Century History Sitemap – Page 13 – Spiderbites Of
The high death toll shocked the world and the loss of American citizens swayed public opinion in the United States in favor of joining World War I. Smiley Emoticon Turns 25 In the early 1980s, there was confusion on the Carnegie Melon School of Computer Science's online bulletin boards. … Read Article

Vocabulary Of Emotions
Shocked Terrified Terror-stricken Wrecked Baffled Befuddled Chaotic Confounded Confused Dizzy Flustered Rattled Reeling Shocked Shook up Speechless Startled Stumped … Retrieve Content

Emotions Vocabulary Chart
Enraged Ashamed Cautious Smug Depressed Overwhelmed Hopeful Lonely Lovestruck Jealous Bored Surprised Anxious Shocked Shy Emotions Vocabulary Chart … Fetch Doc

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