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“Retire at 30, have my own fishing . island and invite Bonah to it. A friend: “My buddy Mark” Favorite emoticon in skype: “the hug … Doc Viewer

Yahoo! Emoticons — Free Emoticons – Instant Messaging Client …
>:D< – big hug :-/ – confused :x – love struck :”> – blushing Pet Names – Alphabetical – O; emoticon – definition and examples of emoticons … Read Article

Computer Mediated Communication
Is sad : – | is mad : – o is a yawn [ ] is a hug ; – ( is crying : – D is laughing : – * is a kiss 8 – | or : – ( ) is surprised : – x my lips are sealed Writing words in capitals is viewed as SHOUTING Ref: … Fetch Full Source

Affective Haptics In Emotional Communication
The duration and intensity of the hug are controlled by the software in accordance with the emoticon or a keyword, detected from text. For the presentation of a plain hug level (e.g., '(>^_^)>', '{}', '<h>'), a big hug level (e.g., '>:D<', '{{}}'), and a great big hug level (e.g., 'gbh', '{{{}}}'), the … View Full Source

Filler: Everyone Hugs And Turns Into Tang While I Play …
There is no emoticon, which describes my face expression, while I'm watching this video … View Video

IM Acronyms & Emoticons Free PDF
Left hug ({) Right hug (}) Vampire bat:-[ or:[Birthday cake (^) Red heart (L) or (l) Broken heart (U) or (u) Red lips (K) or (k) Gift with a bow (G) or (g) Red rose (F) or (f) … Fetch Doc

The Puppet UI Tools For Nonverbal Communication In Virtual …
The emoticon quickly appeared as a way to convey emotional intent, to distinguish a joke from an insult. This may partially be the result of encoding the emotion in as few characters as possible (try illustrate a hug or a high-pitched scream using text … Visit Document

Meaningful Signs Emoticons
Index Terms—emoticon, chatting language, sign, coined word Chatting language online, as a new medium language, has put lexical creativity ( ( (H) ) ) — big hug :-Q — smoking while talking :-S — make no sense … Access Content
Emoticon 1 Emoticon 2 Emoticon 3 Emoticon 4 Key Stroke N/A Default Wink 1 Wink 2 Right hug (}) Red heart (L) Red rose (F) Red lips (K) Elemento do PE Elemento Informação Requerida … Retrieve Document
Key Sequence (emoticon shortcut) Keystrokes Please select from drop down list displayMood=none None None Winks Thumbnail Emoticons Winks Thumbs up (Y) Left hug … Fetch Document

Smileys And Emoticons
Big kiss Small kiss Hug Anticipation A rose Baseball Big Hug Butterfly Chicken Confused Dunce, stupid Grinning Evil Frog Homer Simpson Grin … Return Document

World Of Warcraft Emotion Codes Cheat Sheet – PC – World Of …
/hug /hungry, /feast, /food /impatient, /fidget /insult /introduce /jk (just kidding) /kiss, /blow /kneel /knuckles, /crack /lavish, /praise /laugh, /lol … Read Article

Bowing – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Air kiss · A-ok · Cheek kissing · Dap greeting · Elbow bump · Eskimo kissing · Fist bump · Hat tip · High five · Hongi · ILY sign · Namaste · Pound hug · Sign of the horns · Shaka · Thumbs signal · Wai … Read Article

Discerning Emotions In Texts
Hug me, Mummy. Sometimes when she feels like chatting, but doesn't know what to say, she just softly says Mummmeeee, mummmeee, mumeeee. I like that. … View Doc

How Does Instant Messaging Affect Interaction Between The …
Female4: awww *hug* =.\ Female4: What's wrong? Female3: :hugs: nyaaaI dunno, I’m just kinda moody calling, harsh teasing, and a general lack of emoticon or smiley usage characterize online male … Access Doc

The basic format of the chat room is text, but text as a symbol can be refigured to build more complex symbols, such as the smiley emoticon originally {{{your nick}}} Hug. The laughing acronyms are included since they are not a specific spoken expression, but commonly involve a physical affiliative … View Document

Whitt’s End: 6.1.12
Whether you’ve reached the end of your rope or merely the end of your week, welcome to Whitt’s End. … Read News

Electronic Communication And Technical Terminology: A …
Creative blends enjoy a high degree of popularity, too: emoticon (from emotion/emotive + icon), lips are sealed’), {*} (‘a hug and a kiss’) and ;-) (‘winking’)7. … Fetch Content

Sample Message: Thx 4 The Msg, See U L8r 2nite
((H)) Hug XOXOX Hugs and kisses:-o I™m surprised %-} Intoxicated:-* Kiss:-D Laughter:-{} Lipstick <:-| Monk / Nun:-| No face:-X Not saying a word … Access Content

Oh yes, I hope you have noticed that emoticon too. Name: Greg City, Country: Pemberton, Western Australia Ramon, you need a big hug and about one week of silenceno questions, no silly comments, just your own company and some rest and relaxation! … Read Here

M ( 1
The ( in tile word (g)om and tile E in the emoticon of ‘screaming’ may look the same, but they perform completely different functions. A carving in a church at Kidlington in Oxfordshire shows a kid (goal), a hug (fish), and a ton of wool. … Fetch Full Source

World Music Party The Cold & Warm Facts
British Parody: Every Sperm is Sacred Monty Python (English), 1989 . Emoticon: Hilarious/Crass what can only be described as an outstanding presentation that had folks singing, dancing and at one point invading the stage to hug and … Retrieve Content

Hug Me
Hug Me by Sara Galley A lacy shrug for preschool girls; one size, with notes on modifications needed for other sizes. Size Fits girls aged approximately two to four. … Return Doc

Layout 1
Indicates pride in something surprise, shock sealed lips; used to convey "I shouldn't have said that" kiss (the emoticon :-** indicates returning a kiss) looking one way feeling sad or small surprise or amazement a cat fear, or bad surprise the flying spaghetti monster scary bat roar glasses bear hug do you … View This Document

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